more than 700 projects

founded in 1995

lencon — Design of buildings and construction structures. We create reliable systems with minimal steel consumption


We specialize in the design of steel building structures for industrial, public and agricultural purposes.

The company's experience in the development of buildings and structures based on light metal structures covers the entire range of objects for their intended purpose, from industrial buildings, office buildings and parking lots to industrial factory complexes, residential and administrative buildings as well as special-purpose structures. Over the past 10 years, we have also been advancing in the design of steel frames for logistics warehouse complexes.


Over the entire history of LENKON's activities, more than 700 realized objects have been designed


The total area of the objects designed since 2011 is 2,080,000 m²


The most metal-intensive object in the history of LENKON weighed 8886 tons


394 projects have been completed over the past ten years

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We combine the traditional Soviet engineering practices and the newest approaches in engineering - BIM models creating and value engineering.

Our clients - general contractors in construction, metalwork plants, construction and installation companies. We are into all of these subjects, so communication with us will be easy.

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implemented projects
— 745 objects

The development of project and working documentation is a multi—stage process involving complexities of various kinds and requiring knowledge of the specifics of many related areas.

Therefore, designers must have professionalism and extensive experience for the proper implementation of all assigned tasks for the design of building structures.



Agricultural buildings and facilities

Industrial buildings

Warehouses and logistics terminals


design of cs

When developing sections of the project documentation, LENKON uses modern software products and applies cost-effective solutions when choosing the working scheme of the frame, rolled and welded profiles, steel grades, types of profiled sheet.

design of ms

The design of metal structures is the profile of the work of the LENKON company. Specialists of LENKON LLC provide services for the design of metal structures. This type of work precedes the development of the design documentation.

design of rcs

Currently, almost all construction projects are being built using reinforced concrete structures. High-rise buildings, offices, industrial structures. Therefore, the design of reinforced concrete structures is one of the most important stages in the development of a future facility.



The organization specializes in the design of steel building structures for industrial, public and agricultural purposes.

We have released more than 700 completed projects, according to which buildings and structures have been erected. And every year this number increases by 30-40 units.

The main reference point of the company:
Maintain the strength and stability of the structure with minimal steel consumption. LENCON team consists of ambitious engineers, so we take on complex projects, or otherwise our specialists will get bored.

We like to solve problems, explore options and find non-obvious solutions.

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